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Abstract Fabrics

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Abstract fabrics are essential to enhancing interiors in ways unachievable by other patterns. Abstract visuals assist in representing varying depictions of a visual reality that sporadically characterize a concrete existence. A chinoiserie drape can be considered abstract due to its hand-painted imagery. A diamond ikat-patterned upholstered chair represents abstraction with its gestural marks and fuzzy composition. Here at Mitchell Fabrics, our beautiful Abstract Fabric collection is made readily available in a variety of colorways and patterns. This is to ensure that these exquisite textiles are fitting for your each and every interior need! We even offer abstract outdoor fabrics perfectly suited for fluctuating seasons and year-round durability. Occasionally, the material used throughout the fabric can assist in creating an abstract visual itself. For example, a moire fabric is ideal for abstract appeal due to its rippling appearance and unique shimmer. Heighten any mood with an abstract herringbone pattern atop your family room upholstery or bedroom window panels. Another wonderful way of incorporating an abstract design within a material is with embroidery. Polyester embroideries are simple yet enhance a fabric’s design by incorporating a raised and textured consistency. Bright, daring colors are often found within abstract visuals due to contrasting hues that boost and develop dimensions otherwise unattainable. Abstract designs also allow for neutral colorways to offer their own sense of contemporary appeal. Current trending interiors inspire contemporary designs that often benefit from large or small abstract additions. A bold and intriguing accent within your latest interior design project is possible with our Abstract Fabric collection. Feel free to contact someone during business hours via our live chat or by calling 1.800.FABRICS (322.7427) to speak with one of our customer service representatives about these magnificent Abstract Fabrics!