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Amidst falling leaves and crisp air, Fall brings this ephemeral desire of change, rousing our senses like no other season. In a blink, we’ve swapped lemonade for warm cider, barbecues for simmering hearty stews. Gone are the airy blues and bright punchy hues of summer, and suddenly we are immersed in the rich colors of the season—deep greens, reds, golds, nutmegs, and plums. Sheer lightweight fabrics make way for rich layers and textured patterns. And yet, as much as we hate to say goodbye to the warm temperatures, this is the season we look forward to the most.


Fashion entices us first with runway trends and the latest “must haves” of the season. Like the subtle thrill of putting on a soft new sweater or digging out the leather boots, so can it be with new textiles in our home. A single item may be all we need to refresh a room and renew our connection with the spaces we live in. New pillows on a sofa, fabric on a table, reupholstering a bench—small changes with big impact. If budget allows, be more adventurous and transform your space with new window treatments or a statement piece of furniture using timeless fabrics, like velvets or silks in rich bold colors.



Fall also transitions us into the holiday season of formal entertaining, bringing dining rooms into focus as they become the center for family meals and gatherings. And while taking back the dining room can be no easy feat for some of us—school projects, remnants of homework, stacks of books seem to reign at my house—creating an ambiance that reflects your style can be achievable. Moody colors on the walls, pattern on tables, or rich texture on chairs, all can add warmth and elegance and helps create an atmosphere that your guests and family will want to linger in long after dinner is over.




Warm and inviting rooms speak to us, as if beckoning us to curl up in a chair, fall into a lush sofa, waiting for us to draw the drapes and cocoon ourselves from what lies ahead. Get inspired this Fall and make simple changes to your rooms with fabrics and textiles. You’ll love how it will make you feel.

...And then there were three!

With just over a year of operations at our Lafayette, IN location, Mitchell Fabrics started off the new year with a “bang”—acquiring Michaels Textiles (from Petersburg, VA), and assimilating it into our warehouse in the beginning of 2016 (January 4th to be exact).  Who could have predicted the phone lines blowing up within the first hour on that cold frigid Monday?!  While it wasn’t without challenges, it has exceeded our hopes of repositioning ourselves in the fabric and textile industry.  Thank you all for your extreme patience during that transition time.  Michaels Textiles has been an amazing complement to the Mitchell Fabrics’ line.  Michaels built its reputation on offering a great line of solids at a great price point.  We have no intention of changing that philosophy and continue to search out new fabric programs that fit into that philosophy while still providing fresh, new products to meet your needs.  

In October 2016, we acquired Creative Fabrics, Inc., a Texas-based wholesaler of fabrics, trim, hardware, and other textiles.  Another complement to our business as it increases our presence not only in the Southwest corridor but nationwide.  Like the original Mitchell Fabrics and Michaels Textiles companies, Creative Fabrics was a family-based business with a passion for quality and affordability, with a loyal customer base—qualities we look for as we meld business cultures and customers together.  Our goal is to continue to offer the same personalized level of service while offering more sophisticated branding and a diverse product line.  As we work through this acquisition, we look forward to sharing their products with you and provide more options for all of your design needs.

It’s an exciting time for us as we look at where we are today, and how far we have come since that first day in January.  We have enjoyed getting to know you, our customers, and appreciate being a part of your design projects.  We always appreciate our customer’s feedback—please let us know how we can improve and make your experience even better. Be sure to check the website to see the latest fabrics, hardware and blinds. Look for us on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook) as well as future blog posts highlighting trends, fabrics and other takes on design.   Here’s to an even better year in 2017!    

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